About Us

THE NUTRA KOMBUCHA BREWERY is located in Skelmersdale, Lancashire in Northern England and is a family business operated by Colin & Margaret Wynne

Like many artisan businesses, Colin & Margaret started brewing their Kombucha from home, initially for their own use but the brew became very popular with friends and family and they began getting a lot of positive feedback and soon, demand outstripped their limited brewing capacity. So, in mid-2017 they upscaled their brewing capacity and began brewing commercially at their new premises in Skelmersdale.

Whilst Kombucha is still relatively unknown in the UK, there is an almost fanatical demand for it in the USA, Australia and New Zealand where there are many thriving breweries.

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So why Kombucha?

Colin Says:

‘As a type 2 diabetic, I began searching for a low sugar drink that would be suitable for me. I came across Kombucha and started brewing it from home. It was quite different to so called sugar fee drinks that were commercially available and frankly, it took a bit of getting used to at first but as my taste buds became ‘educated’ I started to feel the benefits of consuming less sugar and chemicals such as aspartame. I began sharing it with friends and family and pretty soon, we were getting some amazing feedback and demand started to grow.’

Margaret Says:

‘Kombucha is a nice refreshing drink and is a great alternative to sugar and chemical laden, so called, soft drinks. We are not claiming that Kombucha is a cure for anything but it just makes sense that if you are reducing your intake of chemicals, additives and preservatives; this has to have a positive effect on your wellbeing. Soft drink manufacturers add chemicals and additives to improve shelf life but we believe that this may not be good for us. The power of fermentation preserves our Kombucha naturally without the need for additives.’

What’s special about Kombucha?

We strive to stick as close to the original recipes that were handed down through generations going back over 2,000 years ago. We have formulated our own special blend of teas and we will not compromise in any way. Our ingredients are all natural and there are no artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives in our Kombucha. Nutra Kombucha is 100% raw and unpasteurised and this is evidenced by the visual presence of live cultures in the bottle.

But yeuch! Aren’t bacteria bad for us? No, not necessarily! There are good bacteria and bad bacteria and most of us have around 2 kilograms of different kinds of bacteria in our gut. Maintaining the balance of good bacteria is vital to our wellbeing. The gut is a fascinating part of our anatomy, it’s where the immune system resides, and is also home to your enteric system (what’s been called the ‘second brain’ in your body). The enteric system is made up of millions of neurons and is a highly complex mechanism which reports to your central nervous system, providing information which allows the nervous system to control breathing, heart rate, the speed at which food is transported through the gut and the production of hormones and mucus. If you ever get ‘butterflies in your stomach’ or get a ‘gut feeling’ about something, that’s your enteric system communicating with your brain. The enteric system has about the same number of neurons that there are in a cat’s brain. It doesn’t ‘think’ like the brain in your skull but it is a super highway of communication that is now thought to influence cravings, hunger, performance and mood swings.

Nutra Kombucha

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