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Here is what some of our customers have to say about their Nutra Kombucha experience.

Nigel Brady

Westhead, Lancashire

“As a postman, trying Nutra Kombucha has helped me a great deal. When getting towards the end of the week, I had no energy left after sometimes working 60 hours a week, but since I’ve started taking Nutra Kombucha I have felt a big difference in myself as I am not as tired by the end of the week and definitely feel a lot healthier within myself. Also, I had problems with my knee with all the walking that I do but my knee no longer hurts as much as it used to do. I definitely recommend it to anyone.”

Nigel Brady : Nutra Kombucha Customer

Geoff Reardon

Westhead, Lancashire

“I have a condition called C.M.T. There is no cure or treatments to relieve it, it causes chronic fatigue and constant pain. I know there is no treatable help, but with Kombucha provided by Colin and Margaret (at Nutra Kombucha) which is purely natural, I have found their product of Kombucha has helped me and relieved to a good degree, the fatigue and pain. It also gives me a feeling of wellbeing within myself.

I do understand that it is no way a cure for my personal condition but it does provide a certain bit of relief of my conditions and anything that does that, is welcome for me. I will continue to use this product and will provide an update on the long term effect.”

Geoff Reardon : Nutra Kombucha Customer

Graham Philipson

Newburgh, Lancashire

“After having a hip replacement and starting to recover, I was then diagnosed with inflammatory Arthritis. This was painful and uncomfortable and I found going up and downstairs slow and awkward. Also, every day, things like shaving or teeth cleaning was also painful and slow. After taking prescription tablets, I found no improvement and so I stopped taking them. Some two months after I had stopped taking the tablets, I was recommended to try Nutra Kombucha. To say that I was cynical is an understatement but bearing in mind the pain and discomfort I was in, I decided to give it a try.

After 3 days, I felt a little better and decided to carry on taking Nutra Kombucha. After a week I could not believe the difference, the pain had eased quite a lot and I could move more easily. After 2 weeks I felt a lot better and was going up and downstairs easily.

Now, after 2 months I really can’t believe how well I feel and how my life is back to normal. There is still a little ache in my wrists but a lot of the time I forget about it as it is so minimal.”

Graham Philipson : Nutra Kombucha Customer

Raymond Tunstall

Skelmersdale, Lancashire

“Having suffered with arthritis in my feet for some years, I was advised to try Nutra Kombucha, an old Chinese remedy. Having tried it for a few months, I have found a remarkable change in my ability to walk. I no longer limp and overall feel years younger. It is remarkable stuff and I will continue to use it for as long as I am feeling the benefits.”

Raymond Tunstall : Nutra Kombucha Customer

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