With a wide range of healthy drinks available in the market, choosing the all-in-one drink may get confusing at times. However kombucha is one healthy drink which is literally ‘the complete package’. With the main constituents present in kombucha now having been extensively investigated, drinking it on a regular basis can provide many health associated benefits including:

  • Detoxification: kombucha appears to help in eliminating the toxins from the body which can aid the body’s fight against cancer & other diseases. It contains high amount of glucuronic acid which many researchers are looking into.
  • Joint care: kombucha also contains glucosamines which are considered beneficial for treating joint pain and arthritis. It is believed that it alleviates the pain up to the extent of NSAIDs.
  • Promoting healthy gut and digestion: since kombucha is prepared by fermenting the yeast and bacterial colonies, it is also regarded by many as akin to the many probiotic yoghurt beverages. This unique fermented beverage assists in digestion and combats against the overgrowth of candida, some advocates say kombucha stabilizes the mood and restores mental clarity, helping alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and even fibromyalgia.
  • Boosting immunity: it is a beverage rich in anti-oxidants which are best for improving the immunity and sustaining the levels of energy.
  • Treating constipation: consuming kombucha on regular basis can not only treat constipation but also severe episodes of haemorrhoids.
  • Weight loss: since kombucha improves digestion and metabolism, it can also be helpful in reducing excess weight as it retards the accumulation of fat. It contains polyphenols and acetic acid that many suggest promote weight loss.

The umpteen benefits of kombucha always raise one question: can one beverage really do all of that? To settle those knitted eyebrows – yes without a doubt it can. Although it may seem hard to believe that a beverage has these many health advantages and effects on overall well-being, the fact is kombucha is really a wonder of wonders. The beverage is truly all in one, something that you should definitely give a try. Drinking kombucha means you’ll no longer need to take various supplements for boosting the immunity and we would personally like to call kombucha our magic potion for ultimate strength, health, fitness and mental stability.

So now, the big fat question that you should be asking yourself is will you stick to your harmful can of chemicals, additives, preservatives and sugar laden soda or will you prefer drinking a fermented beverage loaded with myriad health benefits? We don’t think it’s a difficult choice!