Hamper basket full of delicious, fruity Kombucha from the Nutra Kombucha brewery

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The Kombucha Klub

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Selection of Nutra Kombucha bottles with natural flavourings of pineapple, ginger & herbs
Empty bottle of Nutra Kombucha in black & white - taken in the Nutra Kombucha brewery in Skelmersdale
Colin & Margaret Wynne showing Kombucha ingredients in front of stainless steel brewing vessels in Nutra Kombucha Brewery

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Nutra Kombucha is our brand and we stand for all-natural nutritious ingredients with no single use plastics either! There’s no additives in our Kombucha, artificial or otherwise,  no preservatives or artificial flavourings either. All of our Kombuchas are made with 100% natural ingredients with natural flavours. We use a unique blend of teas to produce each flavour, using filtered water, natural granulated sugar and our SCOBYs have never been touched by human hand! And whilst our tea blends are a bit of a family secret, we’re more than happy to share everything else about our product.

Check our range of flavours on our Shop page and if you have any questions or would like more information, please do get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help.