Our Kombucha.

Nutra Kombucha is our brand and our brand stands for all-natural nutritious ingredients. There are no additives to our Kombucha, artificial or otherwise, there are no preservatives or artificial flavourings either. All of our Kombuchas are made with 100% natural ingredients with natural flavours. We use a unique blend of teas to produce each flavour using filtered water and natural granulated sugar and our SCOBYs have never been touched by human hand! And whilst our tea blends are a bit of a family secret, we’re more than happy to share everything else about our product

Check our range of flavours on our Shop page and if you have any questions or would like more information, please do get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help.

Our brews are raw and unpasteurised…

…just like they were over 2,000 years ago and it is important to us that we brew exactly to the original recipes that have been handed down over the centuries.

Very often you will see live cultures in the bottle and these are quite safe, natural and consumable. The evidence of live cultures is proof that the Kombucha is ‘alive’ and thriving. Unlike some brewers we don’t artificially carbonate our Kombucha but sometimes it may naturally self-carbonate if left in a warm environment. So if you don’t refrigerate it, it can build up quite a lot of carbonation so please be careful and if in doubt, open over a sink!

As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we have invested in our bottling plant to enable us to use traditional metal ‘crown caps’ rather than single-use plastic twist-off caps and we’d love it if you’d pop both metal cap & glass bottle in your local recycling once you’ve enjoyed the delicious, bubbling Kombucha inside.

Bottles of delicious Nutra Kombucha arranged on wicker picnic hamper in flowery garden

Nutra Kombucha will complement any diet, Raw, Paleo, Low carb, Low cal etc. It is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans and is quite safe for people who are gluten or dairy intolerant and just about anyone who is interested in ‘Clean Eating

So you know that kombucha is a healthy drink and that it’s great for your body and wellbeing but… what does it taste like?

Well – it’s actually a combination of sweet and tangy and very refreshing when served ice cold and absolutely doesn’t taste like tea!

But whilst we could have written some wonderful inspiring words about the awesome taste sensation and the great flavours we have in the range, such as OriginalApple & Cranberry, Orchard Dawn and Hibiscus, the only way you’ll really experience the instant refreshment of Nutra Kombucha is to try it for yourself!

Nutra Kombucha

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