Apple & Ginger


A delicious light blend of Sencha tea, Ginger Root and apple juice

By the power of natural fermentation, our special blend of green/black and herbal teas are transformed into a nutritionally alive drink that nourishes your body with compounds that detoxify, energise and support your immune system, clarify your skin, prevent disease and elevate your mood.



Keep refrigerated and do not shake. Consume within 3 days of opening.

Vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free, all natural ingredients, no artificial colours, additives or preservatives.

Nutritional Information

Filtered Water, Apple Juice, Sugar, Ginger Root, Green Sencha Tea, Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Contains low levels of alcohol.

Nutritional Information (Typical Values)

Energy: kj/100g                           63
Energy: kcal/100g                       15
Fat: g/100g                                  <0.1
of which:
Saturates g/100g                         <0.1
Monounsaturates g/100g           <0.1
Polyunsaturates g/100g              <0.1
Carbohydrate g/100g                  3.49
of which sugars g/100g               2.92
Fibre g/100g                                <0.1
Protein g/100g                            0.14
Salt mg/100g                              <0.1